Bankruptcy law and cases written about it comprise many volumes of material. Weekly/daily updates are several hundred pages. The information here may not apply to your particular situation, and you should speak with me at 1877 may-file about your situation.

Your viewing of this website, or corresponding with or calling this office, does not by itself make you our client, or make Mr.  Carlton  your attorney unless you fully retain  him at which time he can insure his opinions and knowledge of the law and process are implemented properly.

Missing an exemption can cause you to lose your home and not properly preparing your schedules could subject you to criminal prosecution by the government. His opinion that you can file bankruptcy means he knows how to protect you and your household. His advice is considered withdrawn as not applicable to you if you do not retain him.  Other directions you may consider after speaking with him.    An attorney-client relationship will only be established through the office’s retainer process. 

Information on this site and received over the phone  is based on Mr. Carlton’s expertise in this  particular area  of the law and he will be using his 25 years of legal experience in the bankruptcy area to protect your home and your assets, from seizure and foreclosure once  fully retained.  Payment plans are available. I worked in a bankruptcy judge’s office and you should speak with me at 1877 may-file about your situation.

“ I am A Debt Relief Agency ”  So Help filing Bankruptcy is just a phone call away!

“We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.” 11 USC §528(a)(4).


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